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First question… Would you be interested in learning a strategy to save your sanity in parenthood?

Second question… Have you already lost your sanity?

Nobody gave us a manual with out children. In fact, you get more instructions with a new microwave than you do with your kids!

What happens when your kids say something like, “So,”  “Whatever,” “Oh, that’s cool,” “Fine just fine,” “Go ahead and ground me – You can ground me for the whole week because guess what, I will be with you the whole week!”  And how about dealing with issues like attitude, talk back, disrespect, whining, complaining, temper outbursts and general irresponsibility?  And what about getting your kids up for school (without yelling your fool head off), or getting them to go to bed (without losing our cool), or getting them to do their homework, get good grades, hang around friends you don’t have to worry about, how to deal with peer pressures, alcohol or drug issues or how to deal with cell phone & Internet safety to name just a few. Have you ever experienced any of these?  Have any of these driven you little bit crazy? Are you looking for answers?  #1  You’re not alone and #2 You’ve come to the right place!!!

Kid’s demandingness in the form of a “get me, buy me, take me, give me” attitude or the “I don’t care about anyone but myself” attitude is sometimes overshadowed by the ever popular, “I can’t wait until I’m eighteen, then I can do whatever I want to” attitude.  Kids can be so ungrateful.  They can be so disrespectful.  It’s enough to drive you nuts!

Now do you understand why parents buy their kids luggage for graduation gifts?

Parenting, as every parent learns sooner than later, is an undertaking with more questions than answers.  Who taught us to be parents?  Is on-the-job-experience all there is?  The best we can hope for?  What should we – what can we – teach our kids?  What can we as parents do to deal effectively with all of the problems and issues that will come up during parenting?  How can we parent our kids without losing control, yelling, screaming or raising out voice?  Is that possible?

We want our kids to be responsible, respectful, resilient and demonstrate leadership and character “in action.” We want our kids to make good decisions “even” when we are not around them (which by the way is the true definition of good character) BUT – How do we teach our kids to be like this?  How do we infuse this into our kids lives so that they become self reliant, responsible, respectful kids that others talk about in a good way?

Enter Parent University with Dr. Mike – With the same dynamic and entertaining style that attracts thousands to his talks, Dr. Mike packs each weekly video with his finest tips, secrets & strategies to help you not only save your sanity as a parent but to also help you raise flexible, well adjusted kids who are capable of making responsible choices, acting in their own long term best interests, and taking effective control of their own lives, regardless of the nature of the problems they encounter in life.


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