Easily Add The Parent University With Dr. Mike Icon to Your Website

We highly recommend that you add the Parent University With Dr. Mike icon to your website, so that Parents can have quick & easy access. This step will most likely have to be completed by your webmaster so be sure to send these instructions to the appropriate person.

Two Quick Steps To Add The Icon To Your Website

Step # 1

Download The Parent University With Dr. Mike Icon

– Download the image below on to your computer.

– To download, Right click image and select “save as…”
Save this image to the appropriate place (desktop, etc.) so that you can access it easily and add to your website.

Parent University with Dr. Mike Logo

Step # 2

Once the image above is added to your website(s) via FTP or preferred method of your website administrator,
Link back to The “Parent University With Dr. Mike” by using the URL below.

– Just copy and paste the URL below and ensure the icon above is linked to this URL.