Are You Ready To Bring Parent University With Dr. Mike To Your School, Organization Or Association?

Two Simple Ways For Your Parents To Access The Parent University With Dr. Mike Step # 1 Place The “Parent University With Dr. Mike” Icon & Link On Your School/Organization/Association Website(s)With just a click - Parents will be able to access “Parent University with Dr. Mike” via a special, colorful icon that we will provide to you. Just download and save the icon, and then add it to your website... It’s that easy! Please CLICK HERE to download and save the icon. You'll also see the installation instructions. Step # 2 Simply Give Parents The Program URL After you've added the linked icon to your website(s), you can simply give Parents the website address and have them type it into their browser. This can be written down and given to the parent, emailed to the parent or placed in your newsletter to parents. The most important part is that they get the website URL and Visit The Site to SIGN UP! Remember to give them this URL: